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Scripts and film projects

ScareActor-Vertical Postcard-trixie-lowr

ScareActor is my largest project I'm working on.It is a passion project inspired by my time working in year-round haunted attractions in my 20's.  It is a feature length dark comedy quarterlife coming-of-age screenplay,  So far it has been doing very well in film festivals/screenplay competitions! I only wish I could afford to produce this myself, but am hoping to find someone who can help make it happen! See full details on

Eternal Dwellers-kickstarterpic.jpg

Eternal Dwellers is a short film project based off a few scenes in my feature screenplay ScareActor. I'm hoping this will help me find a producer to partner with /option/produce the feature.  I'm planning to submit this project to film festivals and eventually release online and use footage for the ScareActor teaser

Lynch and Crighton  (SHORTS SERIES) -comedic adventure

Lynch and Crighton  is my first producing project, a comedic/adventure pirate series following the adventures of a couple of lady pirates. The pilot episode was done on a $700 budget.  I have more episodes written, anyone interested in being a co-producer to help fund future episodes, please message me.  This short series is essentially a prequel to a larger project goal.

The V Factor (SHORT) - dark comedy/horror

A couple of struggling actors "of a certain age" seek to retain their youth by turning to veganism and vampirism and discover one of Hollywood's elite may be one of their own


project details

I plan to produce this myself, however if anyone is interested in co-producing it or making this short into a feature, please contact me.  

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